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Episode 2006-05 Show Notes

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This audio is , once again from the Dismeets meet in Allentown in July, this episode you can hear Steve Barrett, who literally wrote the book on hidden Mickeys, talk about Hiddden Mickeys, if you enjoy this episode take a look at his web site, also a "hidden Mickey" on a Disneyland postcard, and an "audio hidden Mickey" enjoy!

005libtunes (26K)

Above: Libsyn blog image, and Itunes image, I used the same for both this episode.


  1. Steves Hidden Mickeys Slideshow

  2. The main page for all fan meet reports on this site...
  4. Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickey's Site
  5. The opening version of Minnies Yoo Hoo was from the now defunct Walt Disney World Forever CD on Demand system

Allentown 2006 trip/meet pages

Hidden Mickey postcard E-16

Now if I saw Mickey riding the monorail when I was in the park I wouldn't call that a Hidden Mickey, but, when I see a photo of a very large scene with Mickey tucked away in a place most folks looking at the image won't likely see him at first glance, that I would call a hidden Mickey

hiddenmickeyrail-500 (35K) hiddenmickeyrail-close (46K)

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