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Main Ballroom: LUNCH!

I commented to a few folks on the way back from Deb's Session, that her topic (Food and Wine Festival was the perfect one to attend BEFORE lunch. There was quite a line already by the time I got back to the main ballroom so I wandered around a bit until it looked like the queue was beginning to shrink a bit, for the most part there was plenty of food to go around they ran out of rolls and for silverware I had to go to the other food queue at the other end of the room because they were out on our end.

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Walt Disney World Today did a live show that was broadcast on Mouseworld Radio (above).

Silent Auction

Walt Disney World Trivia. com had a silent auction during the fan meet. The purpose of the auction was to raise money for the Starlight Starbright Foundation. I bid on items in the first two sessions, didn't win anything, but it was still neat to see all the great items that had been donated and know that so much money was raised for such a great cause. One of the featured items was the painting of Donald Duck seen below which was painted by Brian Blackmore, an artist with the Disney Design Group. Three-thousand-eight-hundred-twenty-two dollars were raised enough not to just send one (as was the goal) pediatric cancer patient from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and their families to Walt Disney World, but TWO pediatric cancer patients and their families.
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Second breakout rooms Session:

Dave Marx Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Disney Cruise For Me

Sound from this page is in an episode of BBDP's podcast
Episode 2006-04 right click and save target as---> on this link

SHOW NOTES Episode 04-Disfans,Dave Marx on the Disney Cruise Line, DCL postcards, and one for Matt Hochberg.

Although Dave has a white board up behind him, his presentation was a straightforward one (no powerpoint slides or anything like that) and it will come across quite easily on the pod cast. I'm not planning on taking a cruise real soon but can see that when I do I will buy one of his guidebooks first.

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Main Ball room: Between Sessions

Between sessions some of the raffle prizes were given away, also I squeezed in a few photos both before and after Steve Barret's presentation.

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Disney Echo ears moderators group photo....yes, I need to update the postcard forum over there more often!

Main Ballroom, Featured Speaker:
Steve Barrett Hidden Mickey's

I loved Steve's Presentation, and apparently liked it so much that it never occurred to me to grab the camera, I asked Steve for permission to use the images from his site for the podcast that way you can listen to the podcast and flip through the images so here it is Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickeys presentation:
audio link (right click and open in new window)
images link:

Steve has a couple of Disney books under his belt already, of course there's Hidden Mickeys: a Field Guide to Disney's Best Kept Secrets, and theres also The Hassle-Free Walt Disney World Vacation in fact, Steves working on a new book on Disney Luxury experiances with co-author Kelly Monaghan, its title is When you Wish: The Walt Disney World Dream Vacation. steve describes it like this "It will contain material for the "high-end" WDW vacation, for those folks with a big budget who want to know about expensive suites, restaurants, shopping, renting private areas in the parks and elsewhere on property, and other costly entertainment options." if you have any photos of suites or have had one of those high end experiances please drop Steve a line at

After the presentation I got in a few more photos.

altwn06 057 (48K)
Fred Block, Deb Wills, and Mike Scopa
altwn06 060 (49K)
me (Brian Martsolf), and Mike Scopa
altwn06 061 (47K)
Fred Block, me (Brian Martsolf), and Mike Scopa
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Linda Eckwerth showing the spirit of the day with that smile

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