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First off, let me acknowledge the page of that started this whole thing Fred Block's Dismeets page. Let's take a bit of a tour of the tables around the edge of the room, (the sponsor tables?) facing the stage going counter clockwise,

altwn06 028 (53K)

first we have the WDW Today podcast table...

altwn06 034 (55K)

...nearer the entry door we have Mouse Fan Travel (those agents of M.E.I. travel that specialize in Disney)

altwn06 036 (59K)

...Tim Devine the well known photo blogger has a new web site The Magic in ...

altwn06 035 (67K)

...Lou Mongello's wife Deanna, (and their daughter Marion, who also appears on the cover of his new volume II) hold down the fort at the table ....

Beyond that point I don't have table by table photos, I hadn't really thought through the ones I took they were more of a happy accident, in the future I'll keep this in mind, so for the rest of the room I'll just list the perimeter tables, when I get to the far side of the room I'm not certain of the order.

If I've left anyone out please email I'll be happy to add any corrections.

altwn06 029 (54K)

Before we got too far along in starting the day we learned that it was Mike Scopa's birthday so we treated him to a round of Happy Birthday.

altwn06 030 (38K)

Lou makes a few more opening comments (after Fred)

altwn06 031 (55K)

Mike does the "We're not Worthy" bow for Fred in honor of the work Fred has done putting the meet together.

altwn06 032 (37K) altwn06 033 (44K)

Fred's charged up and ready to go.

altwn06 037 (47K)

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