Main Ballroom: Featured Speaker

Steve Barrett :Hidden Mickey's

First off, I want to thank Steve for giving me permission to use his images here, after all episode 05 of BBDP wouldn't make much sense without them! This page has a list of all the images in Steves presentation, If you open the audio first then go to page one of the reports you will see a time in minutes and seconds listed at the bottom of each page if you click on that time when your mp3 player gets to that many minutes and seconds into the audio you will aproximate the slidshow experiance pretty well. You won't really need this index page to experience the presentation, it's just an additional tool for those who might want to access the images a different way, also on each page you want to find a link back to the page the image originally appears on Steve If you want to download the audio now right click on this link and use SAVE TARGET AS if you want to download it now) then go to page 01

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