Big Brians Disney Page: Allentown Disfan meet 2006

Main Ballroom

Mike Scopa:Disney Magic

Mike is another one of those Disney fans who I felt like I knew more than he knows me, mostly because I get to hear him every week on the Walt Disney World Today podcast, but he sort of knows me too, we've exchanged a one or two emails over the years, been in the same chat room a few times, and I send a fair bit of feedback in to WDW Today.
Mike had some great Disney magic stories, I had one point where a battery in my MD died, but I think it's just a brief portion, some of which can be bridged by directing you to a video on Disneys year of a million dreams web site, and also I have not yet asked him if I can use my audio of him on the pod cast. It's also possible that his audio will be included in the WDW Today audio from the event (I have not heard it yet). I got permission from ALL of those breakout room sessions presenters whose sessions I attended, but that was a bit more difficult for the main ballroom presenters, also in the cases where the presentations include slide show presentations I'll be asking the presenters if if they could share their slides as well, those of you who have been listening to my podcast will know that I like to have web pages with lots of photos to go with each pod cast, so as those images come in from those folks willing to share them with my listeners, and readers these pages will change.

altwn06 037 (47K) altwn06 038 (40K) Mikes Dream Castle! altwn06 039 (62K)
Above and Below: Fred Block and Lou Mongello
altwn06 040 (57K) Fred Block and Lou Mongello altwn06 041 (58K)Fred Block and Lou Mongello

First Breakout rooms session

Deciding who to see in the breakout rooms was Tough! This session was probably the easiest, not because I didn't want to see the others,on the contrary Sharlas, and Mikes presentations are one's I'd like to see, but it was easy because I knew I wanted to see Deb's presensation for sure! Deb likes audience participation and when we first came in the table at the front of the room was loaded with Nemo and Stitch plushes she passed out during the presentation.

Deb Wills:Wining and Dining at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

If you'd like to listen to Debs presentation audio here's an audio link (right click and open in new window)Debs presentation starts about 3-4 minutes in to the audio clip:

SHOW NOTES Episode 03-Disfans,Deb Wills on Food and Wine, and postcard storage

Show notes for that episode are at
altwn06 042 (49K)
Did you ever notice Deb is a blur in A LOT of the pictures taken of her?
altwn06 043 (48K)
Here's one where Deb is clear, Collene from Mouse ear travel is in the background.
altwn06 044 (41K)
Linda Ecwerth (pictured in the background above and below) assisted Deb with the presentation and you'll hear her Food and Wine Festival recollections in the podcast as well.
altwn06 045 (54K) altwn06 046 (47K) altwn06 047 (37K) altwn06 048 (34K)

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