Big Brians Disney Page: Allentown Disfan meet 2006
I'M GOIN TO....disney worl...ALLENTOWN?


You might wonder why a Disney fan who lives about 9-10 hours from WDW would drive 10 hours the other way to go to a place where a bunch of Disneyfans were meeting. The answer is fairly simple as two-part answers go

1. a lot of friends and other folks I know and like were there, and,
2. I couldn't really afford a trip to Disney (at least not if I'm going to Mousefest in December which I am).

As an added bonus I was also able to fit in some time with a fellow post card collector Tom De Luca, who lives in New Jersey, and who has taught me quite a bit over the past few years about the variations found on WDW post cards. So you see I wasn't really going the wrong way.


I got up about 4:30 am Thursday (as I was spending Friday with my postcard collecting friend in NJ) and was loaded up and on the road by 6am. It's a fairly simple drive from Charlotte most of the trip was up I-85 until it ends at I-95 then up I-95. I had made several CD's of Disney related podcasts and those helped pass the time on the trip.

In Maryland (exit 41 I think)I took a break for lunch, \ on the way back to the interstate I saw something that caught my eye, a moving truck with Mickey on it, looks like these folks moved the Mickey statues.

Heres a link to their site:
and to their Mickey press release;
altwn06 001 (46K) altwn06 002 (49K) altwn06 003 (65K) altwn06 004 (46K) altwn06 005 (60K) altwn06 006 (52K) altwn06 007 (55K)

Ok so my license plate is not quite accurate here... though perhaps I'm going there in spirit if not in geographic reality. I made it to my destination in NJ by 4:30 PM so now we'll skip ahead to the meet in Allentown.

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