Walt Disney World
A History in Postcards, now it can be told ....or can it ?


Any postcard web page of Disney theme park postcards is bound to make Disney theme park fans think of the one book dedicated to Disney theme park post Cards Disneyland: the Nickel Tour. If only because they share the common link of using postcards to illustrate Disney theme park history. That large comprehensive beautifully illustrated tome is my favorite among all the Disney Theme park related books . The "nickel" in their title refers to the 5ยข price of post cards in Disneylands' early years.

The opinion has been expressed that such a volume dedicated to the story of Walt Disney World would be very difficult to produce indeed. Mostly the argument goes that there have been so many different types of WDW postcards in so many different categories that it would be....well actually that where my understanding of the difficulty breaks down. Is it just that there have been so many Disney resort produced cards and off site cards that many of those would be hard to track down? I don't think that the hard part of such a book would be in the core, park related, cards. At least not compared to Disneyland which had so many different card numbering systems over the years ( some of which had many different views with the same number on the back of the card). Certainly the recent years have seen a much larger number of cards in a greater number of venues. I mean there are four theme parks as compared to the pair in California, plus three water parks a sports complex and an ever increasing number of resorts . Also, where do you draw the line ? Do you include the cards for the various Disney resorts (Disneyland hotel cards were included in the Nickel Tour) ? What about pictures taken in the parks but printed on cards not sold by Disney, most of these pictures are of characters and my favorite example of this commonly found in souvenir shops at hotels around just off Disney property is a picture actually taken at Disneyland not WDW. So you see it could get a bit complicated indeed.

Maybe though...just maybe this complexity, with lots of things that you would be unsure of or learning as you write the pages, is an argument *for* writing doing this project as a web page which can be updated and improved as new information comes in. So I will begin this attempt. Maybe those of you who know more about these cards, or about the other questions they make me raise as I post new cards can add to the information on these pages as the folks listed below have Without the input of these fine people these pages wouldn't have much of the great information that has turned up:


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