My definition of what RADP is subjective and others are entitled to thier own opinions.

Radp- a group of disney fans on the internet.

Why are they called RADP? radp is short for rec.arts.disney.parks

What is rec.arts.disney,parks.? rec.arts.disney.parks was a newsgroup that split off from the rec. arts.disney newsgroup

What's a news group? before there was the internet there was a smaller group of linked computers (many on collece campuses) called usenet. The use net was a large sort of linked system of electronic bulletin boards where people could post messages that others could reply to. Even if you've never seen a newsgroup you've may have seen this type of thing on some web pages but this was without using a web browser , like internet explorer (I think it pre-dated the invention of web browsers, such as netscape and microsoft internet explorer). One of the groups on the usenet was rec.arts.disney. As the internet came about and more people posted more messages it became prudent to break up the disney group into more specific subjects. that was when rec.arts.disney.parks was created. and it still exists to this day lots of Disney theme park fans still use news reader programs of one type or another to read it or post to it. It can be interesting, it can be somewhat addicting, it also can be frustratiing if you see too many topics you have no interest in or that you may feel don't even belong in that group. Or if you just don't have the time to keep up with a group you love. In a way an open group like this is a very real manifestation of the concept of free speech since anyone can post too it. Sometimes people post to the group just trying to start an argument often by telling outrageous or even obvious lies these folks are known as "Trolls" and if you recognize in a post that it might be just such a falsehood it is best not to reply to it that is just giving them what they want "Don't feed the trolls" the longtime posters to the group will say. Many people read and post to the RADP newsgroup rec.arts.disney.parks. some people read but don't post, they are sometimes called lurkers. since by not posting they are in a sense unseen by the group they are reading. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that there were more lurkers than posters.

What is an RADPer? a person who is a member of the RADP.

How do you become a member? Well I figure it is a mostly self-identification thing "I want to be a member of RADP, therefore I am"

Now we come to a tricky part of this, I consider myself an RADPer even though I rarely read the news group. I have the same interests as RADPers, mainly, disney parks and keeping up with what is gioing on at them via the internet. I read the same web sites as RADPers some written by RADPers, I sometimes meet up eith RADPers at RADp meets and most of those meets (or many of them anyway) are listed on web sites either in addition to or insted of on the newsgroup. I hang out in an IRC (internet relay chat) room called #radp-friends which is on the chat servers of different.net with other folks who consider themselves RADPers weather or not they read the news group.
What is NC RADP? As I mentioned before sometimes Disney fans will arange meets where Disney fans can get together in the real world and talk about Disney. Often folks who know each other well from reading and writing to each other in the newsgroup, will also corespond via email as freindships develop. Other times reader who just really like Disney parks and like talking about them want to meet other like minded people. So someone will suggest a meet while they are in WDW on vacation post it to the newsgroup and others who will be there at the same time (sometimes fans of the parks local to the parks too) will reply and everyone gets together at an aranged time and place. Sometimes people who are not going to the parks soon want to talk to other fans face to face sooner than thier next trip that is how local meets got started . Most often they will meet at a local Disney store. In North Carolina where I am from we've done this several times and so have an informal NC RADP sub group. And I'll usually email folks who have been to previous NC meets if some of us are looking to get together. Usually someone remembers to post it to the News group too.

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