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Appendix 2006: WDW postcards issued in 2006

This page is part of a new series of pages for this site, pages featuring cards that have not made it into the regular chapters as of yet. It will help me keep my collection straight as new cards come in until I can get these cards into new chapters.

Year 2006 Logo issues

Generally the first new cards for any year in the past I have seen the next year’s cards out before the change in year had actually occurred. I did not however, run into any of these cards during Mousefest his year, and whereas in the past few years there has been both a pooh and friends annual card and a Mickey and Friends card this year (so far) only the Mickey and friends card has shown up, and Stitch has sneaked into it. Since it is so hard to get a good photo that shows all the texture and pattern of a foil card here are a couple of photos of this one.

Mickey and Friends Foil 2006
(UPC 00174 26071)

00174 26071-take2-500 (33K)

For a much larger image of this card click here

00174 26071take3-500 (42K)

For a much larger image of this card Click Here

Expedition Everest postcards

Although a pair of whole park “map” cards from 2005 in Animal Kingdom featured the mountain prominently the cards here are more directly tied to the attraction, and were first seen in 2006.

The Press Kit card

A few times each year Walt Disney World invites members of the press to Walt Disney World to help get the word out about the newest things in the parks. The biggest annual event tends to be in October in preparation for the new year, and in conjunction with the anniversaries of both The Magic Kingdom, and Epcot the whole list of things coming for that next year is previewed to the press. Still, when big attraction openings occur their tend to be press events tied to those as well. In preparation for the official opening of Expedition Everest the press invitation kit shown below was sent out.

anandapur pc (21K) As you can see in the photo Disney's themeing for this attraction extended to this press kit, with the " hand stamps" on the outside of the box to look as if it was sent internationally, also that looks like a mountaineers carbine (for attaching to ropes in climbing). Even the paper items are done really nicely a "Passport" and "Tickets". Still the most interesting item in this kit to me is, predictably, that card with the words " SCENIC ANANADAPUR" on it, apparently a postcard.

anandapur-500 (46K)

When I originally saw it I wondered if perhaps the back of it showed a message sent by someone who perhaps had a close encounter with the Yeti. Since then I have had the good fortune to obtain one of these cards, and although there is no " back story message " the back does have markings that appear to be in the language of Anandapur, and even some of the phrases in English such as &qout; KINDLY AFFIX PROPER POSTAGE " in the stamp block, seem to be written in the slightly more formal sounding English heard from folks who have learned their English from the British rather than the United States, that has to be one of the smallest Disney details, it's so nice that those details are there to be found.
anandapur-back-500 (17K)

The first regular releases

The next cards to appear were made available during the rides Disney Vacation Club / Annual Passholder previews . In keeping with current trends for new cards tied to new attractions they all have something special about them, one is a Lenticular (or Flicker card) one is a Die Cut Card, and one is an art card in a very unusual size with foil lettering on the front of the card, and a special lighter image on the back of the card one that adds to the beauty of the card without detracting from your ability to actually use it as a postcard. All in all I don’t mind paying a little more to get such wonderful cards (and it’s still a lot cheaper than pin collecting!)

The Lenticular (UPC 00113 42390)

As always lenticular cards are difficult to show of in photos, but I took enough photos of this one that perhaps you can get a sense of it, First off it comes in a bag.

00113 42390bag-500 (65K)

On the back of the card is a logo that gives “back story” to the origin of this card.

00113 42390back-500 (32K)

Here’s a closer look at that logo (color adjusted to make it more readable):

00113 42390logo (65K)

Yes an Expedition Everest snow boarding Competition! And here’s a series of images to show just how this lenticular “flickers”:

00113 42390a-500 (35K)

00113 42390b-500 (36K)

00113 42390c-500 (41K)

00113 42390d-500 (43K)

00113 42390f-500 (32K)

The Art Card (UPC 00113 01112)

This card has golden foil lettering on the front and beautiful art work on the front that really sets the scene of the whole "Forbidden Mountain" complex.

00113 01112 front-500 (39K)

For a much larger image of this card Click Here

That artwork extends to the back of the card as well!

00113 01112back-500 (30K)

For a much larger image of this cardClick Here

ok, I imagine you may have two reactions to this first, it's a little unusual for a Disney card to have one of these newer fancy backs with the lighter image (is the a postcard collector specific word for it, perhaps?)

and you are either wondering how I goofed up the scan and got this card looking oblong or you are saying, “just what size is that card....”
it's 3½ x 6...sort of half continental (4 x 6) and half standard (3½ x 5½)...funky.

The Die Cut (UPC 00113 01113)

Here’s another nifty looking card this “Greetings from 29,000 feet” logo was on quite a bit of the earliest Expedition Everest merchandise, as you can see in the image below there was also a pin with the same design , when I first glanced at the image on eBay I did not immediately realize this was a die cut card until I noticed the way the Yeti seems to be Tearing through the border of the card.

kev-erest1 thanks to Kevin Hughes for the scan kev-erest1 thanks to Kevin Hughes for the scan
Thanks to Kevin Hughes for the scans of the die cut card!

I first saw this card on Ebay but the first seller Was selling it with a pin of the same design and priced accordingly higher that I would generally pay for a postcard. So I went to plan B break down and pay the large S&H fee Disney charges when you order even the smallest merchandise from the park, I planned to make this fee go down easier by ordering two of this card and duplicates of the other Expedition Everest card for a friend who also collects. Unfortunately I had forgotten that another post card collector had related to me how this is one area where Disney isn’t making merchandise as available as they once were. You see although you can call Disney and order almost any merchandise that is sold in the parks there are some restrictions. Unfortunately with postcards the restriction is that since the cards are distributed to the shops in packs (usually shrink wrapped bundles of 50) if you want to buy some over the phone or via email you have to buy a whole pack which in the case of $2.00 a piece postcards will set you back $100 (plus shipping), so much for that plan! Then, I tried the Laughing Place Store They didn't have one and the first few times they went to the Everest shop they weren't able to find one, it was out of stock. I later bought one of those die cut cards from Ebay seller Disneygurll

, which isn't to say that the Laughing place store hasn't been helpful, in fact most of the remaining cards from 2006 were bought there, including the ones seen on the next page.

2006 cards continued...

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