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Appendix 2006: WDW postcards issued in 2006

On this page we have the cards from the "accordion style" postcard folders released in 2006. Though most of these images are new some of these cards have one or two images on them that have been featured elsewhere over the years, I'll point those out as we go over the views park by park. Also all four of the cards have a card that is the cover shot for the folder, and although the same four characters are used to frame the shot for each packs cover card the accessories they have in the shots is a bit individualized to things appropriate for that park, from the safari outfits for Animal Kingdom to the movie camera for the studios.

Magic Kingdom

There are a couple of interesting notes on these cards in the Magic Kingdom folder. First off there are two views that touch on Tomorrowland and interestingly both of them are taken from outside the park, the space Mountain view looks as if it was taken from the perimeter road that encircles the Magic Kingdom, not far from the Contemporary, the other shot of Tomorrowland that is shown looks as if it was either taken from the inner (closer to the Seven Seas Lagoon) resort loop monorail, or a crane, at first I thought it might be a pasted together view, but it actually looks as if it could be a real line of sight view of some sort, if you had a big enough zoom lens (one close to being an actual telescope) perhaps this could be a view from the Contemporary.

One view that I first thought might have been repeated is the view of the Haunted Mansion in this new folder, it is undoubtedly taken from almost the EXACT same location as the Haunted Mansion card released few years ago with the "It's Your Funeral" logo on the back...but on the concrete railing in front of the mansion there are two potted plants flanking the "front door", in the view of the mansion in this new folder look at the left hand flower pot, it has three flowers in it, the it's you funeral view does not, though I notice something else... many the trees look to be the same size in both photos, in fact most of the plants look to be in the exact same stage of growth from one shot to the next, it makes me wonder if they were taken at close to the same time, but with those flowers missing that would suggest some time between, so it also makes me wonder just how many of these plants in the picture DON'T actually grow...could there be a large number of artificial plants in this view?

I don't know if any of you have noticed it but in recent years there seem to be fewer views of attractions printed that have guests in them, a lot of this is because so many of the cards issued now are art cards, but I'm thinking there may also be other reasons they do this as well, and there's a bit of evidence that points to that in this series, yes there is a view of Big Thunder Mountain R.R. that has some guests faces in it far off in the background,

btmrr-detail (20K)

...but there's also a view in which they went to some trouble to obscure the faces of the folks in the picture...now you may be wondering how I could possibly know that, well you see, it's a card that was previously issued, and in that first issue they didn't bother to try to hide the peoples faces, it's the shot of It's A Small World and that image was originally issued in the mid 1980's with the faces of a few guests showing as they turned their heads to look at some of the scenery they were passing, but in this new version they have pasted some bushy hairdos over the faces of some of the guests, one guy got cut completely out in the back row, here's the original version...

11103-500 (51K)

The newer version of the card is the fourth image below...

mk63421a-500 (34K) mk63421b-500 (34K) mk63421c-500 (45K) mk63421d-500 (44K) mk63421e-500 (37K) mk63421f-500 (77K) mk63421g-500 (35K) mk63421h-500 (28K) mk63421i-500 (77K)


At least two of the images in this folder seem to be using images that have been used on Epcot postcards before card "b" (the card letters are my designations these letters are not printed on the cards, but are used in my filenames of the images) the Nemo display from just outside The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion, and card "d" the view of the Italy pavilion at dusk, but both are substantially different here than in their earlier releases; In the "Finding Nemo" cards' original release it had a "Disney's Living Seas" logo on it, and the Italy card was originally released as part of a folder of Epcot cards devoted to all the individual pavilions of World Showcase and, as part of that set, it had a logo featuring the word Italy and an Italian flag on the card. A few of the other images look familiar as well, after all that Soarin' concept art was used fairly widely, though not on a postcard before this, and that Illuminations shot was included in a WDW resort postcard booklet released back in 2001 or 2002 booklet 00174 00004 (it has a black cover)though in that view it was cropped MUCH differently it was oriented vertically (or portrait) in the 2002 view, and here the same shot is shown in a Horizontal orientation.

ec63240a-500 (49K) ec63240b-500 (49K) ec63240c-500 (35K) ec63240d-500 (32K) ec63240e-500 (52K) ec63240f-500 (39K) ec63240g-500 (52K) ec63240h-500 (32K) ec63240i-500 (34K)

Disney-MGM Studios

Just as with the other parks at least one of the cards in this folder was issued previously, the view of Star tours in this folder was originally issued in the postcard booklet titled "The Thrill of it All" back in 2002. The cover shot of this booklet seems to have something odd going on as well at first I thought that it looked funny because there are an awful lot of trees behind the hat in this shot then I realized that this is just a view of the Big Hat taken from the Chinese Theatre, the opposite angle from which I'm used to seeing in.

st36250a-500 (46K) st36250b-500 (42K) st36250c-500 (40K) st36250d-500 (54K) st36250e-500 (58K) st36250f-500 (41K) st36250g-500 (43K) st36250h-500 (44K) st36250i-500 (32K)

Animal Kingdom

Views "D" and "H" in this booklet are both reprinted from other uses, in fact the "D" card has been issued at least twice before, it first appeared in "the Thrill of it All" booklet, and was liked well enough by someone that it ended up released as an individual card, making it's appearance here it's third occurrence as a WDW postcard. The "H" view also appeared previously was included in a WDW resort postcard booklet released back in 2001 or 2002 booklet 00174 00004 (it has a black cover)though in that view it was cropped MUCH differently the Tree of Life was shown in a much wider view in that earlier issue, but here it's cropped down much closer in. It also looks like the same shot may have been cropped down once again for use as the cover shot on this folder.

ak45260a-500 (52K) ak45260b-500 (47K) ak45260c-500 (22K) ak45260d-500 (62K) ak45260e-500 (52K) ak45260f-500 (56K) ak45260g-500 (27K) ak45260h-500 (43K) ak45260i-500 (27K)

2006 cards continued...

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