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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
Lessons of (Tom Sawyer) Island Life 101

If you haven't guessed by now, I took MANY pictures this last day, so much so, that perhaps text is a bit superfluous, So I'll try something different on this page.

Lessons of (Tom Sawyer) Island Life 201
dl05-b 088 (59K) dl05-b 089 (57K)

Lesson one - water views are usually quite nice.

dl05-b 090 (74K)

Lesson two - sometimes a little distance from a subject gives it a fresh perspective.

dl05-b 091 (85K) dl05-b 092 (75K)

Lesson three - take time to look for the hidden details.

dl05-b 093 (66K) dl05-b 094 (88K) dl05-b 095 (67K) dl05-b 096 (70K) dl05-b 097 (103K) dl05-b 098 (102K)

Lesson four - when seeking fresh perspectives check out the view from a tree hose

dl05-b 099 (74K)

Lesson five - When you love someone, let them know.

dl05-b 100 (102K)

Lesson six - have fun!

dl05-b 101 (105K) dl05-b 102 (88K) dl05-b 103 (117K) dl05-b 104 (114K)

Lesson seven -if you don't know where you're going read the signs.

dl05-b 105 (97K) dl05-b 106 (120K)

Lesson eight - treasure your past
for those who don't know the picture above and the one below, feature vehicles from two closed attractions, the keelboats and the Mine Train through Natures Wonderland.

dl05-b 107 (93K) dl05-b 108 (75K) dl05-b 109 (106K) dl05-b 110 (104K)

Lesson Nine - if you don't follow instructions well, carry a towel.

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