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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
Lessons of (Tom Sawyers) Island Life 201
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Lesson I (this is the 201 class)- in the heat of the day a lazy stroll along a shaded riverside is a cooling diversion.

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Lesson II - Fences usually exist for a reason; review the following Hypotheses and/or develop your own:

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Hypothesis A: the keelboat pictured belongs to the river pirates and they occupy the north end of the Island

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Hypothesis B: It's a nature preserve for the beaver and moose (one corner of antler in picture)

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Hypothesis C: Space Aliens built the fence.

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Lesson III - Sometimes it is better to close up the Fort, even if it means you have to find alternative activities for you guests, that way you can get it spiffied back up for future visitors.

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Lesson IV - Once you've seen enough of the Island that off-island activities look more interesting, it's time to head back to the mainland.

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Upon exiting the rafts Carlene saw something that stopped her in her tracks, I stopped too to see what held her interest, she was standing in front of Lafittes Anchor (which I have a picture of earlier in this trip report). Since I didn't figure that the anchor itself would have this effect on her, I assumed it must be the flowers, I knew she had (back home in North Carolina) been having a hard time finding a particular variety of flower the past few growing seasons, ageratum, which she wanted in white. She had seen the blue variety a few places (and although it's called blue I think sometimes they are almost more purplish in color), and these were bluish flowers, so I asked her, " Is that Ageratum? ". She replied that it was. I let her know that I had taken pictures of this bed of flowers earlier in the trip. As we walked away she quipped " I don't feel so bad about it now, even they can't find the white". But, it seems, the last laugh was on me, as the ageratum had been planted in the interim between when I took that first photo of Lafitte's anchor and this day, on the first day of the trip it was still planted with pansies. After that Carlene and I headed to the Disney Gallery, then past Jungle Cruise,before she headed out of the park for her afternoon break. This being out last day in the park, and with both of us having enjoyed the previous day taking it at our own paces, I decided to go ahead and go all day again.

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