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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
New Orleans Square, the land that jams

As we were nearing lunch time I thought we'd head over to the Plaza Inn, but they had not began lunch seating yet (It was still probably 10 til noon). So we took this opportunity to reconsider our options, I looked across the street, no piano player yet...hmmm I'd noticed the past few days that there's a show at Aladdins Oasis just inside Adventureland, so I said to Carlene " let's see if that has a meal ", it didn't, but instead of heading back to main we decided to head on to the one sit-down eatery in New Orleans square we had not yet tried Cafè Orlèans, as we got there it was still a few minutes until noon so Carlene lined up while I picked out some postcards at the souvenir stand there then I took our spot in the line while Carlene looked for a table...

dl05-b 062 (41K) dl05-b 063 (60K)

as we waited a band came out, and began to play, the same band that had the " battle of the bands " with the Disneyland Band on the riverboat ...

dl05-b 064 (78K) dl05-b 065 (44K) dl05-b 066 (61K) dl05-b 067 (48K)

... the Bayou Brass, after I got a song or two recorded the line started to move, though by the time I had our food, their set was over.

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As you can see above the cashier sets in his own little booth, all dressed up including Mardi Gras beads. The interior decor is nice and I took a few more pictures of it, but I think if I eat here in the future I'd be more likely to dine outside in an attempt to catch the Bayou Brass again, and for that matter when it comes to dining in New Orleans Square I'd be more likely to eat at the French Market where there is a stage right in the dining patio.

dl05-b 076 (58K) dl05-b 077 (50K) dl05-b 078 (53K) dl05-b 082 (48K) dl05-b 083 (58K) dl05-b 084 (37K) dl05-b 085 (34K)

After lunch we decided to visit another corner of Disneyland we had yet to make it to Tom Sawyer Island, while waiting for a raft, we noticed that Mickey was up on the Matterhorn again.

dl05-b 086 (66K) dl05-b 087 (69K)

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