September 1998

Last hurrah of my first Annual Pass

These photos are also from the first day of the trip. I knew I wanted to spend some more time at Epcot this trip I don't recall all the things I did but the photos at least show some of them. Horizons was still open but by this time everyone knew it would be going away soon as the only reason it was still open was that the World of Motion Conversion to Test Track was still in its "delayed" status.

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Above: here we go, movin slow through the U-ni-verse of En-Er-Gee
Below: A few images from Horizons.

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Above and below: Two of the acts I caught in the United Kingdom Pavilion, while the bagpiper above no longer performs there (and hasn't in some years) not only do the World Showcase players still perform there they have expanded to other countries as well over the years and.
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Above: me.
Below: The Acrobats of the China pavilion

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As Monorail Purple approached the imagination pavilion it paused and went into a long hold (this probably means there was a train still in the Epcot station, or at least not past whatever block it has to clear before the train may proceed) this gave me the opportunity to get more shots of the train with the fountains in the foreground, I was even able to go down the track and get ahead of the train before it pulled out to get the shots of it as it passed the Living Seas. and I enjoyed that so much that I went around Future World and took a few more photos catching all three trains that were running on the Epcot loop that day.

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Having much enjoyed the performance of King Arthur and the Holy Grail (GRAIL, GRAIL, GRAIL, GRAIL, HWUUH) earlier in the day I decided to return for a performance of Romeo and Edna, where I got to play the part of the municipal mime, more recently (October 2007) I saw Romeo & Edna performed in Italy.

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