Mousin' It Up!
Big Brians Disney Podcast
Episode 53 - Getting into the Rhythm of the Holidays with the Village Beatniks

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This Episode was recorded early in my December 2008 trip to Walt Disney World, this was the "split day" of Mousefest, in fact this was the last thing I did before leaving Disney's Animal Kingdom for Disney's Hollywood Studios.



Note: since they did not turn off the speakers of the nearby Background Music, you can hear it a bit (in the background) of this set, but most of the time the Percussion overwhelms it.

The Village Beatniks


The Village Beatniks - rolling out Village Beatniks - Zen Drum Village Beatniks Medalion Village Beatniks percussionist... 
oh, they are all percusionists aren't they? Village Beatniks Discovery Island - The Village Beatniks Discovery Island - The Village Beatniks Discovery Island - The Village Beatniks Mobile Drum Sets Discovery Island - The Village Beatniks The Beatniks - bongos

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