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Episode 52 - Happy Holidays with the Citizens of Main Street and Toontown Tuners

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This Episode was recorded on the last day of my December 2008 trip to Walt Disney World, Mousefest was over, and I decided to end this trip in the same park in which I started the trip, enjoying some of the great live entertainment found in the Magic Kingdom. This was one of many Christmas oriented sets I recorded last year that I didn't manage to get out before Christmas.



Music set 1

Music set 2


Citizens of Main Street - Inga De Point & Scoop Sanderson Castle Show Finale Toontown Tuners Citizens of Main Street, Victoria Trumpeto,
  Hildeguard Oliva Harding, and Scoop Sanderson Citizens of Main Street & the Toontown Tuners 
	performing holiday music All the Citizens of Main Street
  who were on stage that day performing Christmas Tunes The Dapper Dans - Dueling Songsters The Citizens of 
	Main Street singing Holiday music The Citizens of Main Street singing Holiday music The Citizens of Main Street singing Holiday music Hitching Post ready for a refurbrishment Theres on thing missing  here (answer below) Freshly Refurbrished Hitching post Same Driver who drove on the rainy day a few days befoere - Barbera Let's try that again, this time with the SUN! Main Street U.S.A. Main Street U.S.A. from Omnibus Tracks Leading from Main Street  station #1 - Walter E. Disney WDWRR Train Crew - Joe & Fred Toontown Tuners Citizen of Main Street - Scoop Sanderson Citizen of Main Street - Victoria Trumpeto Mayor Weaver get into the act join in and jingle those bells! Toontown Tuners and Citizens of Main Street

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