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Episode 48 - Candlelight Processional

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This Episode was recorded on the first day of my December 2008 trip to Walt Disney World, before the "land" portion of Mousefest had even began, I took in a lot of great things this day, a combination of attractions, live entertainment experiences and meals. This episode falls into the category of live entertainment it is the Candlelight Processional. The Candlelight Processional is an event with lots of Christmas music with a large orchestra, and a HUGE mass choir, the mass choir is anchored by the Voices of Liberty, and the remainder of the mass is made up of Choirs that come in from all over High Schools, college, churches, and many volunteers fill in spots from the 50,000 plus member cast of the Walt Disney World Resort, a celebrity narates sharing the Christmas Story (the story of Jesus). It is presented three times a night in the weeks leading up to Christmas, every few days the guest narrater changes and on the evening I viewed it the narrater was Marlee Matlin, Marlee if you are not familiar is a hearing impaired actress and so accordingly she used sign language to present the narration she had a gentleman with her who translated her signs into speech, the show also has a regular sign language interpreter, and she normally signs both the narration and the lyrics to the songs the choirs sing, but in this case she only had to do the lyrics of course since Marlee was doing the signing for the narration. At the end of the show during closing remarks Marlee did at that point address the audience vocally in expressing her personal Holiday greetings.




It was really difficult picking out just a FEW photos form this show as I took a lot, more photos are available on my Flickr Photo Stream:

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