Honeymoon - November 1, 2002 - Animal Kingdom
Carlenes Photos - Roll 05

Carlene really Enjoyed Animal Kingdom, as you may have guessed from my first few photos of the park on the previous page, one of the first things we did at this park was the Pangani Forest Exploration trail in Africa, after that, we took in Kilimanjaro Safaris...

169912-R1-3 (625K) 169912-R1-4 (635K) 169912-R1-5 (492K) 169912-R1-6 (634K) 169912-R1-7 (463K) 169912-R1-8 (479K) 169912-R1-9 (490K) 169912-R1-10 (419K) 169912-R1-11 (571K) 169912-R1-12 (615K) 169912-R1-13 (635K) 169912-R1-14 (520K) 169912-R1-15 (458K) 169912-R1-16 (554K) 169912-R1-17 (499K) 169912-R1-18 (615K) 169912-R1-19 (661K) 169912-R1-20 (471K) 169912-R1-21 (629K) 169912-R1-22 (618K)
Above and below: it looks like there are a couple of big cats lounging in the grass here...is that Cheetahs? or Lions?
169912-R1-23 (581K)

I'm not entirely certain but I think this is taken from the bridge between Africa and the Central Discovery Island area.

169912-R1-24 (539K)

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