Honeymoon - November 1, 2002 - Animal Kingdom
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Flame Tree Barbecue Has some beautifully decorated and landscaped dining patios, this was the first time I had dined there and I really liked it. Carlene seemed to enjoy it too and she took these pictures:

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We more or less stumbled upon the parade I think just before taking in It's Tough To be a Bug....

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. another sort of random memory, while looking at some Kangaroos in a habitat adjacent to the Tree of Life, I remember hearing a family talking to each other in what clearly was Australian accented English and joking with them "So you came to America to see Kangaroos did you?", which got a laugh from them.

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I think we would have spent more time checking out the hidden away habitats, for instance, I heard they have the Tortoises that used to be on the Other Discovery Island (which I never visited), but as you can see from the photo I took on the tram (below) we just plain ran out of daylight.

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A Parting Shot

This group of Scarlet Ibis, are in a habitat at the very front of Disneys Animal Kingdom, as you enter the Oasis, or in this case, as we exited the Oasis, as such this would have been the last picture we took inside the park this trip. 009 (48K)

Below: On our way back to the room we stopped way out at the far end parking lot of Downtown Disney and attempted to get some photos of the Clubhouse of the Lake Buena Vista golf club, in a sort of effort to replicate a view on an early (though daytime) view of that same building. mine didn't come out to well, but Carlene attempted a few and they didn't come out at all.

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Honeymoon - November 2, 2002 - LBV

I was probably going to or from the gift shop to pick up some merchandise, (like our Spalsh Mountain photo, and perhaps checking out, when I snapped this... as you can see not only is the sign to this Restaurant made to look like a ships rudder, but that rudder is attached to the stern of a ship frame that extends over the wall into the restaurant

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The next Morning we checked out of our room, and got ready for our last day in the parks before returning home. Before heading to the studios we went back to the far western end of Downtown Disney's parking lot where we had attempted to take pictures the night before and snapped a few more shots...

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