Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom

A Very Merry Cruise

After you go through the exit turnstiles of the Magic Kingdom if you go off to the left theres a set of restrooms, no important reason for taking this photo, just killing time.

pict0043 (29K)

You can take the boats or the monorails to get to the TTC, my feeling tends to be that the ferrys can load a lot more people per trip, but it's really probably more of a toss-up since the monorail dispatches more quickly.

pict0044 (41K) pict0045 (40K) pict0047 (47K) pict0051 (53K) pict0052 (48K) pict0053 (37K) pict0054 (43K) pict0056 (49K) pict0057 (30K) pict0058 (37K) pict0059 (31K) pict0060 (38K)

Just to make it easier heres what the text of the Medalion at the bottom of Admiral Fowlers picture says:

After serving 32 years in the U.S. Navy, Admiral 
Joseph W. Fowler was encouraged out of retirement
in 1954 by Walt Disney to supervise construction
of Disneyland for the next ten years, Fowler served 
as the manager for Disneyland until Roy Disney
asked him to lead the effort to build Walt Disney 
World which he did until his retirement,
This boat is named in his honor.

pict0061 (48K) pict0062 (62K) pict0063 (39K)

And lastly I got photos of the third ferry, it was parked but I still only got a blurry photo of it, a good long day in the park, but by this time I needed to get some sleep!

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