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Friday, July 15th
Just Around the River Bend

I had a bit of time to kill before my next "scheduled event", and so, spent some time snapping photos first on Main Street, then headed over to New Orleans Square where I got a few train photos.

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I also took couple photos of the "oldest attraction" in Disneyland. Story is (details from the Nickel tour) Walt saw this 75 million year old fossilized tree at Pike's petrified forest in CO, liked it bought it and gave it to Lilian Disney on their 31st wedding anniversary (yeah, I'm sure That went over real well!), She knew where it really belonged and presented it as a gift to Disneyland.

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Being a collector of Disneyland postcards I was aware that the Disneyland band had in the past played various unusual locations in the park, including on the carousel, and on the Mark Twain Steamship. I had heard that the band still does these concert cruises, once a day, on their scheduled performance days. So when I saw that on the entertainment schedule I knew that was something I wanted to do. Since it was nearing time for the next cruise of the Twain I headed to the landing for the Mark Twain and got some nice photos of it comin' round the bend.

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Soon I would be admitted to the Mark Twain...but thats for the next page There are an awful lot of pictures from this cruise (over 30). , but I want to put them all on one page, so the next page may take a bit longer to load than this one did.

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