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Sunday, July 17 2005
Fifty years for them... An art filled history for all of us

Take the staircase to either side of the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean up to the balcony above the Pirates entrance and you're in a place that did not exist when I visited Disneyland as a kid, The Disney Gallery, an art gallery featuring much of the great concept art of the park that imagineering have produced over the years.

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Since it is also a store, you can even get prints made of much of the art shown , picking from whats available on the computer screens in the store then you take a slip with your selections to the counter where they print it up for you, at least I think that's how it works, though I spent a few moments browsing though the selections at one of the computer terminals I did not want to tie it up long since I wasn't making a purchase.

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There is also a great selection of books on Disneyland and Art books on Disney artists for sale here (more things I had to put off purchasing, sad, because these things tend to go out of print after a while). From his reaction to the place, I feel confident that Kyle will want to check back in here once in a while on future visits to Disneyland.

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