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This page is a showplace for the scans contributed by individuals for Chapters not yet written. First up is a card scan of a 5 x 7 size card of Dixie Landings (when it was still called Dixie Landings!) contributed by Robert Mason, Thanks Bob!

I have two people to thank for the following card, when I put out a request for scans of unusual Disney Postcards in the Ears to Ears yahoo group, Deb Koma was the first to get me a scan, then Melissa Withers stepped up and did one better sending me her actual survey post card of this same design, Thank you both!

Similarly after a discussion came up on the RADP forum about folks getting survey cards following thier trips Sandi Femino was nice enough to send me this scan of the car she recieved.

AKLpostcard-500 (27K)

One of the frequent contributors of scans to this site is Kevin "NJ postcard guy" Hughes. Most of the images he has contributed are in chapters that have already been written, but here's one I have not gotten to yet it is a card of the Room Rate special variety, when you get one of these large beautiful images in the mail it really makes an impression, I imagine quite a few WDW vacations have have had thier planning began in the days followind the recipt one of these "room rate special" cards in the mail. (I wish I could figure out how to stay on their mailing list!)

ak1-nr017264dm-ckb-500 (2) (78K)

Tom De Luca contributed this wonderful and unusual card, that is also an unusual size 8 by 6, it's a kids menu / coloring card that also functions as a post card, a really neat idea an an interesting post card.
ArtistPoint-front-500 (47K) ArtistPoint-back-500 (40K)

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