June 2007

Oh say Canoe see?

Once I got past the pool I was also passing the Motor launch dock and so now I was treading new ground in my search for that old canoe, so I started to look to see if my search would pay off, and it paid off sooner than I ever thought it would, almost as soon as I rounded the first corner after the dock there it was! and not only that this wasn't a canoe left beached for set dressing but it was right there in the water. Now I had heard that the cast members still use these for the annual "canoe races" (a cast member recreation activity) but there was only one I guess they could race one team at a time and rank the teams only by times, still I decided to keep a lookout to see if there was another.

wdw-06-16-07 020 (96K) wdw-06-16-07 021 (71K) wdw-06-16-07 022 (57K)
Above: Sea Racer parking.
wdw-06-16-07 025 (54K) wdw-06-16-07 026 (88K) wdw-06-16-07 027 (73K) wdw-06-16-07 028 (66K)

As I got back underway I decided to stay on the "Walk Around the World" all the way to the Grand Floridian, and as I got past the "spirit of Aloha" Luau theater I saw ahead of me on the beach more canoes, now these were not like the old Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes but rather newer sleek Blue and White fiberglass beauties with outrigger, and the location where they were beached is closer to the Wedding Pavilion than the buildings of the Polynesian. Since there are a pair of these perhaps they use them for the Cast member canoe races.

wdw-06-16-07 029 (70K) wdw-06-16-07 030 (75K) wdw-06-16-07 031 (66K) wdw-06-16-07 032 (78K) wdw-06-16-07 033 (87K) wdw-06-16-07 034 (82K)

As I continued along the walkway I suddenly noticed that there was a survey marker in the concrete curb along side me, upon further inspection I realized there was actually a whole string of these all along the walkway, and it also appeared that they perhaps correspond with drainage grates for the walkway so perhaps it's simply a functional way to mark those locations.

wdw-06-16-07 035 (77K) wdw-06-16-07 036 (81K)
Above and Below: just somebunny I saw along the way, it looked like his home might be under the hedge.
wdw-06-16-07 037 (89K) wdw-06-16-07 039 (91K) wdw-06-16-07 040 (78K)
Above: Theres a decor Mickey (or more like a whole row of them) in the detail of the Victorian Gingerbread decor at the back end of the luggage cart.
Below: A quick shot of the pool, not very illustrative of the pool other than giving some idea of its location (I think I basically turned around and took it after taking the shot above) and how empty it was.

wdw-06-16-07 041 (69K) wdw-06-16-07 042 (72K) wdw-06-16-07 043 (73K) wdw-06-16-07 044 (72K) wdw-06-16-07 045 (54K)
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